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Bio-Gen Eco Toilet - Only £14.95 for pack of 3
The Ultimate ZERO Chlorine Power Cleaner

...or see multi pack special offer pricing below.

Bio-Gen Eco Toilet Pack of 3

The ultimate ZERO chlorine power cleaner, Product Code: BGEN3

Price £14.95

Bio-Gen Eco Toilet 12 Pack

The ultimate ZERO Chlorine Power Cleaner, Product Code: BGEN12

Price £44.85

special offer

Save 25%

Directions for Use
1 Toilets
Flush toilet. Direct nozzle and squeeze a small amount under rim and around top of bowl surface.
Allow a short contact time (1-2 minutes). Brush thoroughly and flush again.
Afterwards, add an additional small amount which continues descaling and freshens the air.
2 Baths, Showers, Sinks and Basins

Wet surfaces.
Wearing gloves (Eco-Toilet can cause skin irritation), squeeze a minimal amount on to the unit surface. 
Using a damp cloth wipe Bio-Gen Eco Toilet over the surface and taps. 
Afterwards, thoroughly rinse out cloth and unit.


Bio-Gen ECO TOILET contains a widely approved antimicrobial agent to offer additional biosecurity around the home.  The active antimicrobial ingredient is supported under the EU Biocidal Product Regulations, registered by the US EPA and approved for sustainability for the Design for the Environment (DfE). 

The active ingredient has a dual-action antibacterial mechanism and passes EN1276.  It is also active against many common viruses and passes EN14476. The formulation is readily biodegradable.


Bio-Gen ECO TOILET is approved as a non-hazardous alternative to chlorine-based products and may used safely in marine environments using metal and other drainage pipes and tanks that may be subject to corrosion and where hazardous chemical health and safety procedures apply.

Bio-Gen ECO TOILET is specially formulated as a highly effective toilet cleaner and sanitiser, whilst totally minimising impacts on the environment and health, and ensures continued highly effective septic waste digestion, in the treatment system and soakaways.
ECO TOILET can be used to clean baths, showers, sinks and basins too.

Bio-Gen’s powerful active ingredient provides a dual action anti-bacterial and anti-viral mechanism, working in conjunction with special surfactants, which quickly biodegrade for a safer eco-positive environment.

Following application, the acidity levels change in downstream drains from the toilet. The result is that biocidal action ceases, making Bio-Gen completely safe for septic tanks and all types of bio-sewage treatment system, providing a food source for microbes.

Used in conjunction with Oxy-Gen ECO BLEACH, for general sanitisation of work surfaces, walls, whitening grout and removing black mould, as well as a laundry additive, Bio-Gard offers a complete alternative solution to using chlorine products in the home.

Real Benefits for You
Muck Muncher

Destroys Harmful Bacteria & Viruses – For a Safe Healthy Home

Muck Muncher

Highly Effective Cleaner – Removes Stubborn Stains

Muck Muncher Removes Scale – For Cleaner, Brighter Porcelain
Muck Muncher

Non-Chlorine Formulation – Creates No Noxious Gases and Toxic Byproducts

Muck Muncher Readily Biodegradable – Perfect for Septic Tanks and Eco-Friendly Lifestyles

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