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Muck Munchers Kick-Start Bio Booster - Only £17.50
Muck Munchers Pre-treatment and After Pump-out Microbial Septic Tank Activator

...or see multi pack special offer pricing below.

Kick-Start Bio-Booster

Kick-Starter Bio-Booster, Product Code: MMKS1001 muck munchers XL

Price £17.50

Kick-Start Bio-Booster x 2

2 x Kick-Starter Bio-Booster, Product Code: MMKS100X2

Price £26.25

special offer

Buy 2 get second for half price

How to Use
1. Simply flush the soluble Kick-Start Bio-Booster down a toilet.
2. It’s then best not to use the toilet for a few hours, to help ensure some microbes attach themselves to drain walls to clean them up too.

A specially formulated biological treatment for use prior to starting Muck Munchers XL or following a pump-out to re-activate your septic tank.

The Kick Start Bio-Booster energises and re-invigorates septic tanks and drainfields, re-populating septic systems to create a healthy aerobic bacterial activity, rapidly improving the break-down of sewage waste.

It is an easy to use inexpensive way to significantly increase your septic tank bacterial population by adding some 300 billion microbes. Used in conjunction with Muck Munchers XL it makes a perfect septic tank cleaner pre-treatment. It is also an ideal treatment for repopulating bacteria immediately after emptying.

The micro-organisms set to work immediately they are introduced into your drainage system, quickly improving the digestion of organic waste, fats, oils and greases, and counteracting the harmful effects of detergent waste and household chemicals.

If you are experiencing major problems with repeated blockages, pump-outs or foul smells, we recommend that you use Triple Action Bog-Busters deep clean tank reactivator and degreaser

Real Benefits for You
Muck Muncher Quick, Simple and Safe to Use - Toilet Flushable Formulation
Muck Muncher High Microbe Concentration - Immediate improvements in waste digestion
Muck Muncher Reduces Need for Routine Tank Emptying - Saving You Money
Muck Muncher Perfect After Pump-Outs - Immediately repopulates bacterial colonies to quickly activate waste digestion


Our Product Range

Muck Munchers XL 12 Month Pack
The Market Leading Septic Tank Treatment
Muck Munchers XL The ultimate natural biological septic tank waste digestion treatment, saving £’000’s on pump-outs

Muck Munchers Digesta
Instantly Increases Aerobic Microbial Activity
Muck-Munchers Digesta Keeps Sink and Bath Wastes Clean and Blockage Free.

BioGen Eco Toilet Triple Pack
The ultimate ZERO Chlorine Power Cleaner
Oxy-Gen Bleach Triple Pack Specially formulated for use in homes with septic tanks with zero environmental impact.

Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach Triple Pack
The Eco-Friendly Chlorine Bleach Alternative
Oxy-Gen Bleach Triple Pack Specially formulated for use in homes with septic tanks with zero environmental impact.

Triple Action Bog Busters
Intensive Treatment for Problem Systems
Bog Busters High performance treatment to reinvigorate stagnant septic tanks and slow draining soakaways.

Kick-Start Bio-Booster
Post Pump-Out and Starter Treatment
Kick Start Bio-Booster A specially formulated microbe treatment that energises and invigorates septic tanks and drainfields.

Mega Munchers 12 Month Pack
Scalable Larger System Treatment Programme
Mega Munchers Flushable sachet treatments, for rural leisure complexes, pubs and hotels, camping and caravan parks.

Oxy-Tonic Biomass Accelerator
Instantly Increases Aerobic Microbial Activity
Oxy-Tonic Bio-Accelerator Guaranteed to convert smelly anaerobic tanks in to healthy aerobic septic systems.

Bio-Gen Eco Floor
The Ultimate Biological Floor Cleaner
Bio-Gen Eco Floor Cleaner Keeps on cleaning after use, day after day - ensuring floors stay cleaner for longer.