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Muck Munchers Digesta® - Keeps Sink and Bath Wastes Clean and Blockage Free - Only £12.95
The Ultimate Biological Drain Cleaner


Muck Munchers Digesta®

The Ultimate Biological Drain Cleaner. Keeps Sink and Bath Wastes Clean and Blockage Free.
Product Code: DGTA500

Price £12.95

Muck Munchers Digesta® Offer

2 x 500ml Bottles Digesta
Product Code: DGTA2X500

Price £20.70

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Real Benefits for You
Muck Muncher Digests Grease to keep Kitchen and Bathroom Wastes Clean and Free of Black Slime Build-up
Muck Muncher Microbes Populate Drain Walls to Digest Organic Waste to Keep Them Free-Flowing
Muck Muncher Non-Chemical Treatment that Benefits both Mains Drains and Septic Tank Users
Muck Muncher Eliminates Build-ups of Hair and Fat Balls that Create Blockages
Muck Muncher Environment Friendly

How to Use

1. Dilute 10ml (approx 2 teaspoons or small squirt) in about 200mls (approx 1 small cup) of barely lukewarm water.

NOTE – Hot water will destroy the microbes in Digesta - if hot water recently drained, flush 1-2 litres of cold water, prior to treatment.

2. Pour diluted mix in to the sink / basin / bath / shower drain hole at night or when it will not be used for 8+ hours.

3. Repeat at 1 – 2 week intervals for free-flowing wastes and drains.

Slow-Running / Blocked Drains and Waste Traps
Repeat treatment daily until clear.
Blocked drains may need clearing with a ‘plunger’ to allow water to flow.

Muck Munchers Digesta® keeps kitchen, utility and bathroom waste traps clean, and drains free-flowing and blockage free. This special treatment is based on carefully slected microbial species that quickly and effectively digest fats, oils and greases.

Unlike chemical products Digesta is a biological drain cleaner that is non-chemical, 100% safe to the environment and perfect for septic tank owners.
Used in properties with mains sewer connections, Digesta is not only the first choice for ensuring cleaner, free-flowing drains, it also assists in elminating fat build-ups within public drainage systems too.

How Biological Digesta® Treatment Technology Works

How Digesta works

green Enzymes break down long chain FOG molecules into bite-size pieces.
red Digesta's microbes can now digest these smaller molecules, safely eliminating FOG.

Digesta works in two distinct ways on the fats, oils and grease (FOG) waste entering waste traps and drainage pipes, and grease traps too.

• Digesta's Microbes release enzymes that assist in breaking down long chain FOG molecules into smaller molecules.

• The microbes can then easily digest to simply produce water and carbon dioxide.

• FOG around hair strands and 'fluff' is eliminated, allowing these to flow freely through the entire drainage system. Whereas 'enzyme only' products, simply reduce larger molecules in the FOG to help 'displace' and 'dump' them elsewhere, Digesta eliminates the FOG completely by digesting it, rather than just breaking it down.

• No matter how careful we are in not rinsing fats, oils and greases (FOG) down wastes, Small quantities reamain on pan and crockery surfaces when washing up.

• Kitchen detergents simply act in removing grease by emulsifying it - which means on cooling it is free to reform elsewhere.

• In the Bathroom, body fats, body lotions and even soaps all result in FOG entering the waste traps and drains. These combine with hair to create 'Fat Balls' that easily lead to blockages in small diameter waste pipes.

• Black 'Bio Slime' build-ups commonly occur not just in waste traps but along drainage pipes too.

Digesta® is a registered trademark of
Bio-Gard Limited.

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