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Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach - Only £14.95 for pack of 3
The High Performance Household Bleach
Plus - See ZERO Chlorine Eco Toilet for Cleaning Toilets

...or see multi pack special offer pricing below.

Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach Pack of 3

High Performance Household Bleach, Product Code: OXGN3

Price £14.95

Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach Pack of 12

High Performance Household Bleach - Multi-Pack, Product Code: OXGN12

Price £44.85

special offer

SAVE 25%

Directions for Use
1 Sinks, Basins, Baths and Showers
Direct down waste outlet to keep germ and smell free. Leave 5 minutes and then rinse with a cup (250ml) of water for optimum benefit along drainage pipes.
2 Taps, Plugs and Overflows
Wipe with neat Oxy-Gen to deter Limescale.
3 Cleaning Worktops, Floors and Waste Bins -
Dilute 100m in 5 litres of water. Wet surfaces with solution and wipe off excess. Allow surfaces to dry.
4 Bleaching Whites
Add 25ml to 10 litres of water. Soak overnight, then rinse thoroughly.

Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach is specially formulated for use in homes with septic tanks and for households who want products that are non-toxic to humans, animals and plants, to live eco-friendly lifestyles. Oxy-Gen has been specially formulated to perform effectively as a bleach and then break down to provide vital oxygen to increase septic tank aerobic performance.

Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach cleans and sanitises without traditional chlorine and can be used for cleaning all around the home. It breaks down quickly in the environment and used responsibly causes no adverse health effects.

This remarkable bleach removes stains and dirt without exposing you, your family and septic systems to chlorine gases and toxic chemicals produced by chlorine bleach the moment it interacts with other products.

Based primarily on hydrogen peroxide, Oxy-Gen concentrated bleach works effectively as a disinfectant and stain remover, subsequently breaking down simply in to oxygen and water. The oxygen dissolved in waste water entering the septic system now increases bacterial activity, improving effective waste digestion.

Real Benefits for You
Muck Muncher Oxygen Based Bleach - Minimal Chlorine Content Ensures Healthier Septic Tanks
Muck Muncher A Cleaner, Brighter Bleach - Effective in Cleaning and Whitening Grout, Deterring Limescale on Taps
Muck Muncher Effectively Removes Unsightly Black Mould and Musty Smells on Damp-prone Walls
Muck Muncher A Safer Bleach - Does Not Produce Toxic Products Such as Organo-Chlorines, Dioxins or Furans When Mixed with Other Products.
Muck Muncher An Ideal Laundry Whitener - Produces Whiter, Brighter Whites than Chlorine When Used as a Laundry Additive
Muck Muncher Clean Smelling Fragrance Free - No Unpleasant Chlorine Smell


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