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What Customers Say About Muck Munchers

At Bio-Gard we take great pride in producing the UK’s market-leading biological septic tank treatment, so it’s a pleasure to receive unsolicited recommendations, re-assuring us that the products we sell really do live-up to, even exceed the promises we make for their performance.

Here is a selection of comments sent to us by customers over the last year or so.

five star review Working Brilliantly in Klargester

We have been big fans for about 5 years and still don't need our Klargester pumping out yet!

Wayne Oldham 25/09/2019

five star review Septic Tank Pump-Out Driver's Comment

Our sceptic tank emptier is going to use Muck Munchers himself because he was so impressed – he was expecting a tank full of sludge, which is the opposite of what he got – only about 6-8” ofsludge after 9 years for an 8 man tank.

Philp Blatchford 02/08/2019

five star review Used My Monthly Treatment Today

Dosed only this morning. The tank has very little sediment in it and the little munchers are doing a great job.

Susan Barker 01/07/2019

five star review A Customer For Life

I shall be re-ordering Muck Munchers for the coming year; however, I was wondering if it is good practice to re-order the booster pack that I got with my first order last year. The sachets have been such a resounding success that I would hate to knock the balance by omitting to top up with a booster if that is advised. PS - A very Happy Muck Munchers customer - for life. A note from Bio-Gard - We continue to send renewal packs with a Bio-Booster Pack. This may be used to simply boost the septic tank when received - or - retained for use after a pump-out (which we hope should not be necessary).

Margaret Deans 13/05/2019

five star review Outflow Better... Drains Cleaner

Thank you for the Special Renewal Offer. After 12 months use of Muck Munchers, monthly email appreciated, I'm very impressed with the results. My septic tank outflow is a much higher quality than before and the drains cleaner.

Christopher Whitmey 08/05/2019

five star review The Price of Progress

Thank you for all the information and help over the last few years. This is to let you know we have been converted to mains sewage and drainage so will not need any further supplies.

David West 01/04/2019

five star review ECO TOILET - Solved a 35 Year Old Problem

I bought your Eco Gen toilet cleaner on the strength of the before( and after ) pictures of a stained toilet which could have been taken in either of my two toilets. In a very short space of time I am delighted to announce that I also now have a similar 'after' picture😀the cleanest they've been in 35 years of fruitless scrubbing! Thank you!

Barbara Occleshaw 18/02/2019

five star review Sweet Smells of Success

I have had a septic tank inherited from the previous owner for 46 years and emptied twice a year and ALWAYS SMELLING. Since the introduction of your Muck Munchers I am very pleased to tell you that my septic tank is as sweet as possible - not a tinkle of a smell. Congratulations and many thanks.

Paul Banning 04/02/2019

five star review Clean Outflows from Klargester and Saved Over £400

The difference Muck Munchers has made to the outfall from our Klargester Tank is unbelievable - no more smells, no black stinking yuck oozing up from the soak away - and we haven't had to have it emptied for five years instead of annually. At £120 a time that's a saving of £600 less the cost of your product.

Bernard Attkins 01/01/2019

five star review Just a Post-It Note on an Order

Delighted with your product and now approaching my 5th year. It works a dream in my particular system and saved me a fortune on 'pump-outs'. Long may it continue.

Jonathan Wells 14/12/2018

five star review Making Local Walkers Happier

Just a short note to thank you for a wonderful product! Your little grubs have been hard at it for about 7 weeks now and the results are amazing! Our septic bottle tank is situated by our track which is a public right of way for walkers. I have been concerned about the aroma around the access for years and therefore have been having the contents removed every year. When I lift the lid now there is absolutely no unpleasant odour, and of course the drain off is practically uncontaminated water; perfect for the environment. Your claim that this would be the case is not an exaggeration.

Gerald Willis 18/11/2018

five star review Drains No Longer Backing-Up

Hi - Ordered the monthly treatment earlier in the year from you. Within 2 weeks my drains were free-flowing, something which would normally be backing-up. Over the last 10 months since starting, the drains have never been so good. A big thank you - cheers to all.

Paul Shuttle 18/11/2018

five star review QED - Muck Munchers Really Works

Wanted to let you know we have just had our tank emptied and there was more liquid than waste. So proof your product is working!

Alec & Jean Collins 12/10/2018

five star review Sweet Smelling Tank and Toilet

Very pleased with your products. The overflow from my somewhat bucolic septic tank seems much 'sweeter' and the toilet cleaner is great; smells just right too!

Don Bain 01/10/2018

five star review Saving an Extra Bit of Money

Just to say we are in our second year of monthly sachets and those dear little bacteria, have saved quite a bit of money over the last year by making the effluent much more efficient, so not so many 'EMPTIES' are needed. Thank you !

Sue Brown 21/09/2018

five star review NEW Bio-Gen Eco Toilet Cleaner Gets Thumbs Up

Recently purchased Bio-Gen Eco Toilet Triple Pack and my wife thinks that it is wonderful & far superior than the previous products that she has been using, so a big thank you !

Jeremy Underwood 04/09/2018

five star review Thanks for Recommending Your Friends

Thought you might like to know two of my friends now using your septic tank product and are delighted.

Hugh Shepherd 20/07/2018

five star review Some 5 Smelly Years - Then We Discovered Muck Munchers

We moved into our house 5 years ago and had a problem from day 1 with terrible smells from the septic tank and up through the waste system to bathroom/toilets etc. We tried everything - pipes cleaned out by specialists but no better until this year when we heard of your Muck Munchers. My oh my what a difference this product has made to our lives! No more bad smells and so easy to use. Thank you so much for making the garden lovely and pleasant to use again.

Elizabeth Moss 03/07/2018

five star review Portuguese Men of War

A quick note to say how pleased I am with the Muck Munchers treatment I bought from you. The treatment is now in its third month at my villa in Portugal. Yesterday, I lifted the man hole covers for a routine inspection to find the chambers and pipes to be pristine and odourless. This is an amazing improvement over past inspections.

Eric Goss 01/07/2018

five star review What a Lovely Compliment

We have always found your products and service to be spot on. Love the monthly reminders, someone has a great sense of humour.👍

John and Val Morris 27/06/2018

five star review Sorted my Shower Waste and my Saniflo

Every time we flushed the Saniflo, waste came up in the shower in my daughter’s bathroom. Following your advice, I put a Muck Munchers sachet in the Saniflo and left it overnight, and used Digesta in the shower and wash basin each day. In a few days all was flowing freely. The plumber had quoted £600 + VAT for a new Saniflo, so it was £43 well spent with you.

Jayne Allan 18/06/2018

five star review Don't Blame the Cattle

Yes it works. It was emptied just before we moved into our new house but there was a niff in the garden. We thought it was the cows. Installed the first of the 12 month product, no problem since !!

Alan Cooper 10/06/2018

five star review Tank Not Emptied in 3 Years

I must say I think the product is excellent. Our sceptic tank has not been emptied for three years, previously it was emptied once a year !

Richard Watts 02/05/2018

five star review 6 Years Since Emptying - Tanker Driver Very Impressed

I just had my 3000 litre plastic septic tank emptied after 6 years. I have been using Muck Munchers XL since the tank was installed, some 16 years ago, and this is the second time it has been emptied. On both occasions, there was so little sludge in the tank it could have gone another 6 years. Even the tanker driver, commented that people who use your products have negligible problems and long intervals between pumping out.

Colin Sigley 25/04/2018

five star review No Emptying, No Mess, No Smell

Hello. I have just received my latest pack of Muck Munchers. I just want to say how pleased I am with your product. I used to have to have the tank emptied yearly, but since using MM I haven't had it done at all! Huge saving and no mess or smell. Thank you.

Pam Thornton 06/04/2018

five star review New Customer Hangs Up His Drain Rods

I first started using Muck Munchers in June 2017. Prior to that I needed to rod our septic tank system every two months. I checked the tank after 4 months and scarcely needed to do anything - a real bonus. I believe that using Muck Munchers my septic tank has really improved. The only downside is that I did not know about it earlier.

Steve Hankin 18/03/2018

five star review 5 Years - Even Then My Tank Didn't Need Emptying

Usually our septic tank needs emptying every 2 - 3 years. However, I had not arranged this and 5 years had passed. Recently, a dreaded 'back up' had reached the drain and found that the cause was a blockage in the relatively small-bore pipe between the house and the tank. On opening the tank for a surely much needed emptying we found that it was far from full. The reason is that two years ago I started using Muck Munchers which have clearly done what you say they do. Thank You, Muck Munchers. I know that our tank should have been full to overflowing (it has been before now), but this time it barely needed emptying.

Martyn Richards 19/02/2018

five star review Don't Pooh Pooh Muck Munchers

"Just to let you know that our old septic tank is behaving sooooo well with the assistance of your wee beasties, that this morning the poo lorry man said it would only need emptying every other year! Excellent news as that will save quite a few pennies.... so keep up the good work!"

Andrea Cross 08/02/2018

five star review So Sad When Customers Move to a House with Mains Drainage

"You may now take me off your list of customers because I am moving to a property with mains drainage next month. My buyers have requested that I have the tank pumped out before we move but I have told them that I am a satisfied customer of Muck Munchers and passed your information to them so they may contact you in the future."

Shaun Emms 02/02/2018

five star review Life-Saving Muck Munchers Sorted My Old Tank

“Thank you for saving my septic tank—an ancient concrete structure which has its moments!!! It is now working properly and I will continue to use the monthly treatments of Muck Munchers—thank you for the reminders. By the way I notice reminder email is to Mr Kirkwood —so formal and I am not a male !! —please address to Lesley.”

Lesley Kirkwood 01/12/2017

five star review NEW Digesta Waste Trap and Drain Cleaner

“Last Friday night was the last application of Digesta in our waste pipe cleaning experiment and you may be interested in the results. Following your help and advice I mixed 200ml of water with a wine bottle cap full of Digesta every evening from 10th November and put it down the sink after the last use every night. Maybe it was my imagination but I think I could hear a fizzing sound from the u bend. By the 21st November the sink was running much faster and this morning it was very fast and had a whirlpool. My impression is that the blockage has been removed. Good ol Digesta.”

Geoff Fox 27/11/2017

five star review Purer Outflow Reducing Environmental Impact

“Over the moon with muck munchers. Monthly reminder a real bonus. Quality of water overflow into ditch is absolutely amazing. Will definitely carry on using them. A big thank you to your team.”

Jayne Brydson 01/11/2017

five star review Saving Money Both on Tank and Pump Station

“Just to let you know that I am very impressed by my Muck Munchers regime, which over the last few years has removed the need for me to pay someone to empty my pump station and tank. I wash it out occasionally with a hose and the MM’s do the rest. It's a really good product, so thank you. I also like dealing with a company with good ethics and a sense of humour, so onwards and upwards!”

Phil Parker 01/09/2017

five star review Lost Customer Moving House - But Kept Another

“Thank you for your service over the last few years, I have always been very pleased. But I am moving house at the end of this month and will no longer require your services as there are no septic tanks at my new property. The people who are moving to my house have a septic tank where they are now and know all about Muck Munchers.”

Elizabeth Sadler 16/08/2017

five star review Muck Munchers Sorted My Fosse Septique in France

“Hi. I was using your excellent product in UK and have now moved to France. Luckily, I bought 2 as our French septic was FOUL and is now 100% OK. Can I order another 12 months’ supply from you to be sent to France.”

Penny Cockburn 04/08/2017

five star review Amazingly Kind Words from a Former Septic Sceptic

“I just wanted to say that I was sceptical at first about the product’s claims but 12 months down the line I am a complete convert. It has worked wonders on my septic tank which had been neglected by the previous owners. If anyone has any doubts just get it and give it time and you will be amazed.”

Barry Whitehouse 25/07/2017

five star review Three Good Reasons to Use Muck Munchers

“We have large (ish) 3-chamber septic tank and usually only two people in the house. We have used muckmuncher sachets for 11 months. The tanks were emptied before we started using the sachets. It is difficult to be scientific, but I get the impression: a) the final outflow of liquid is cleaner (but not clear) than it used to be; b) the scum on top of first tank is an even dark colour (more so than previously); c) smell is less.”

Colin Macey 04/06/2017

five star review Following Our Email Apology Newsletter for Getting Names Wrong

“You don't need to apologize for a simple name mistake, I know how busy you are down there munching away at all those horrid solids. The fact that you take the time to remind us mere mortals of jobs to do, is enough. Thank you for all your hard work and the support you and your team give my household. We are very impressed with your fantastic work. I have had to send some of your colleagues away as the BIG TANKER had to come, but I have enrolled plenty more to take their place. I must admit that the job they do has saved me emptying the tank for 2 years! Now that's a big saving. Thank you Muck Munchers, we love you. Xxxx”

Nadine Taylor 02/06/2017

five star review Muck Munchers Mind Your Own Business

“Muck Munchers are the business for doing the business the business! Great product.”

Tim Sugg 01/06/2017

five star review The Pong’s Sorted with Oxy-Tonic

“A few weeks ago you sent me a bottle of Oxy-Tonic Bio Accelerator when I asked what I could do with my pongy septic tank. I am pleased to tell you that it seems to be smell free now! Thank you so much. I have ordered more and will treat again after emptying said tank later this month. Just to make sure! Brilliant service!”

Melanie Carr 01/06/2017

five star review Waste Company Collection Service Compliments Muck Munchers

“The product stimulated my septic tank, the smell from the overflow remained. I've just had the tank and the collection service remarked how healthy the tank was it had a white microbial film on all the surfaces. I was pleased with the product and will purchase another pack soon. “

Neil Madden 01/06/2017

five star review Waste Collections Service Compliment - Lovely Effluent, Smooth as Silk

“Hello, I just wanted to let you know my experience of muck munchers. I have been using this product for more than a couple of years and have not had a chance to speak with the septic tank emptying operative. My fear was that maybe I was flushing money down the toilet every month. I asked the operative this time what he thought. Initially he said the tank looked like any other, but after emptying he said, "It was just like silk - that is the only word I can think of - I was able to remove every last drop with no compacted areas". He had never heard of the product so I gave him the info, which he said he would pass on to other customers who had problems with their tanks.”

James Dawson 01/06/2017

five star review The Day We Screwed Up 0n Our Reminder Email

“Thanks for your note about gibberish in emails. I don't think I read that one. I wish I had! The thing is, the Muck Munchers work very well, and I always remember to put in the monthly dose. So, I can report that I am delighted with the product, but I do tend to delete the reminders. I can also report that the Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach I bought from you is just what I needed. I'm grateful to you for supplying it.”

Annie Lamb 01/06/2017

five star review Sad We’ve Lost You as a Customer

“Hi Muck Munchers - sorry to tell you I am moving house next week so will not be requiring any more muck munchers. I will pass the remainder to the new owner. I highly recommend this product and it is brilliant. Pleased I purchased it.”

Donal Laird 01/06/2017

five star review Banned from Praising Muck Munchers at Dinner Parties

“We will certainly be singing your praises, and a lot of people around here do not have main drainage. In fact I have been informed by my wife that our septic tank is not a suitable subject for dinner parties! I wish you the very best, and if you ever need a recommendation from a customer I will be more than willing to oblige.”

David Bartholomew 15/05/2017

five star review Emptying The Tank Much Less Often

“Your muck munchers have transformed my septic tank. I always had to empty it every year, when it was full to capacity, and blocking the soak away pipe. Ever since I've used your Muck Munchers, which appear to be fitted with a marvellous set of titanium nashers, it still does not require emptying after almost two years. Highly recommended, and good value!”

David Davies 02/05/2017

five star review Problems with Worldpay But Muck Munchers Doing Fine

“Hi, I've been trying to order online but Worldpay don’t appear to be processing my order. If they have, I'll have ordered twice(mistake) as it didn’t seem to register! Not sure what has happened as I haven’t had an order confirmation. Can you let me know if my order has reached you please, if not will do it by snail mail. Also, just want to thank you again for brilliant product which has made septic tank finally behave itself!”

Elizabeth King 03/04/2017

five star review Thanks for Telling All Your Friends

“I have been a user of Muck Munchers in my own septic tank for about 3 years now and have been pleased with the results. As a result, I have been recommending your products to a number of my customers.”

Richard Cartwright 29/03/2017

five star review Just Love the Muck Munchers Loo Sign

“Many thanks for your " little gift for our loo". Greatly appreciated. We have searched for an attractive " loo sign " for some time. Now can I be a little cheeky and ask if you could possibly supply us with one more sign for our guest loo? I will then frame each one and hang them in our two inside toilets.”

Graham Smith 15/03/2017

five star review Happy Valentine’s Greetings Muck Munchers

“I've got to hand it to you. Using Valentine’s day as a sales technique for sewage digester material is going some! You deserve an award. Good work!!!”

Chris Miller 14/02/2017

five star review A New Year’s Hello for Muck Munchers 

“And a Happy New Year to you too! What a treat my tanks have had this past year - they've never felt better.  I've been flushing down their monthly little gifts - and now they're clamouring for more!  Please rush me another year's supply.”

Tim Clarke  10/01/2017

five star review Great Value - Even in France

“We have had many problems in the past with our septic tank, too many to mention; smell was just one of them and normally at this time of year. We have been using your product since September and it has completely cured all our problems and it is half the price of the previous product, here in France. Thank you so much.”

David Topping 27/12/2016

five star review Great Product and Tank Not Emptied Yet

“I just wanted to thank you for your great product. Since using Muck Munchers XL our septic tank has not needed to be emptied for 12 months and is still ok (it used to be every 6). The smell around the drains has reduced considerably and on top of that the soakaway appears to me much more effective. Thank you for supplying a quality chemical free product that works.”

Anna Ruiz 02/12/2016

five star review Does What it Says on the Tin

“Your product up to now has lived up to all your claims and we have recommended it to a lot of our friends and neighbours. ”

Norman Venner 01/12/2016

five star review Saving Money on Septic Pump-Outs

“I am seriously impressed with this excellent product! The motor failed on our bio-disc septic tank a few months ago and it smelled vile, but within a week of adding Muck Munchers there was no smell at all. It is now 12 months after our last pump-out and I expected that the tank would be brimming with solids as usual, but there just aren't any. All I can see is fairly clean-looking water and a little bit of scum on the surface. This has saved us about £100 in the first year which is a cracking result all round. All my neighbours have septic tanks, so I am spreading the word!”

Wayne Oldham 31/10/2016

five star review Product Quality

“Muck Munchers have worked well on our system I would recommend them as an excellent product. ”

Albert Evans 10/10/2016

five star review Happy Customers Love Monthly Emails

“We moved from our cottage a couple of weeks ago. Now have mains drainage, so no longer need muck-munchers. Which means I shall miss your monthly e-mails which always brought a smile! Many thanks for an excellent product, just wish we had known about it years before. Life was so much easier when we started to use it; less build up in pipe work and the info you gave out helped to get us into good septic tank management. Have recommended Muck-munchers to everyone we know with septic tank drainage, it is so beneficial.

Ian and Heather Jones 05/10/2016

five star review Fewer Pump-Outs

“Haven't had to clear ours for two years now thanks to you!! Like your funny mails too :) .Cheers!”

Karien Wolf 03/10/2016

five star review It’s Working

“Thank you for my reminder email - I do appreciate it. Everything is working well and I have recommended it to my friends. Keep up the good work.”

Barbara Whitton 01/10/2016

five star review Now We Can Party

“Muck munchers are great - the septic tank has not smelt all summer - even on the hottest days and when we have had a party and lots of people using the loo.”

Hazel Donavan 01/10/2016

five star review Smell-Free Cellar

“Since starting the Muck Munchers programme, our cellar, where one of the septic tanks is located, has stopped having a bad odour. I am so pleased that we can now use the cellar for storing wine and other good things! Thank-you, Muck Munchers!”

Penelope Allisy 01/10/2016

five star review Septic Skeptic Convert

“I was skeptical about muck munchers but your info on your website is so good and combined with your excellent reviews not just on your website but also on other forums made me bite the bullet and I'm so glad I did! Within a week the water had gone down all by itself to just above the outlet level! It has stayed at that level so I put my fortnightly treatment (there's 6 of us!) in that chamber and result it now flows free!”

Michele Jurasinska 23/09/2016

five star review Need One Say More

“Muck munchers are working fabulously. Thank you.”

Connie Brewer 14/09/2016

five star review Started Quicker Than We Promise

“Just wanted to say thank you for offering such a powerful tool against awful smelling septic tanks! In just a couple of days of using the starter pack & 1st treatment we noticed the smell’s gone, completely! Mentioned the offer to our neighbours who also ordered & when I last spoke with them they said they were very pleased with your product as well. How lovely it is to find a company who provides something that actually works as they claim! Thank you!”

Kim Simpson 05/09/2016

five star review We’re Telling Our Friends

“We would like to thank you for your excellent products which we recommend to all our friends. We also love your monthly reminders as they are humorous and entertaining. Please keep up the good work.”

Margaret and Harry Teasdale 01/09/2016

five star review Goodbye Smelly Toilets

“It seems to be working already as the unpleasant smell I got from the toilet has gone!”

Barbara White 01/07/2016

five star review Does What It Says on the Tin

“Just to tell you I had my tank emptied today after 3yrs & was told that you can swim in it! Your treatment is doing what it says!”

Hassan Karmally 27/04/2016

five star review Effective in My Old Tank Too

I have used your product for a year now and I think it does a good job of reducing smells and improving my rather old septic tank.”

Andy McKenzie 21/03/2016

five star review Effective in My Old Tank

“We started using your product as soon as we moved in last November into the existing Septic Tank (built in the 30's). We did not have it pumped out and everything is fine - we have experienced no problem at all.”

Norman Venner 21/03/2016

five star review Telling Friends the Good News

“I have emailed all 20 of my rural neighbours with septic tanks to tell them how good Muck Munchers are. I shall be reordering in a few months’ time. ”

Andrew Macdonald-Brown 01/03/2016

five star review Loyal Customer Praise

“We have been using your product for 2 years now and might say we are delighted with the results.”

Annette Rhodes 24/12/2015

five star review New Customer Delighted Too

“Hi - Have been using Muck Munchers for 6 months now and have been extremely pleased with the results. No more nasty smells from the septic tank.”

William D Scott 18/12/2015

five star review New Customer Delighted Too

“Hi - Have been using Muck Munchers for 6 months now and have been extremely pleased with the results. No more nasty smells from the septic tank.”

William D Scott 18/12/2015

five star review Thanks for Trying Hard

“Is this the best customer service in the world or what, I can't thank you enough and am spreading the word around our village about the quality of service from MM.”

Keith Allan 04/11/2015

five star review Ernie Tells Pete All

“Pete, here is the sceptic tank product we use that I told you about. We find it works great and saves a fortune on emptying fees.

Ernie Ford 31/10/2015

five star review No Wonder We Give a 100% Guarantee

“Having just reached the end of my first year’s supply of Muck Munchers I thought that I should check my septic tank to see if it was working as promised. Normally, lifting the lid one is greeted by a foul smell and the site of fats and other solids. On this occasion a slight smell and a view of black water - no solids. Very impressive!”

Richard Dewick 07/10/2015

five star review Our Fun Monthly Reminders Well Received

“Really appreciate your reminders, not what I had expected. All is going well and seems to be making the old tank happy. Thanks.”

Pete Friston 02/09/2015

five star review Waited a Decade to Discover Muck Munchers

“I am impressed with the product. This is the first time in 23 years that my ancient septic tank has not become blocked and has worked all year. Really pleased with the performance of Muck Munchers.”

Richard Bruce 01/09/2015

five star review Saving Money, Saving Heartache

“I am very pleased with Muck Munchers; it has saved me from having a twice yearly pump out. At first I was hesitant in purchasing it after reading the advert in a National newspaper thinking it would be another money wasting gimmick, but I'm glad I did. I have gone a year without the system backing up because it needed emptying. Also no smells in the back garden. Well done Muck Munchers - would certainly recommend this product.”

Jean Mitchel 01/09/2015

Our Product Range

Muck Munchers XL 12 Month Pack
The ultimate non-toxic, natural biological septic tank cleaner providing effective treatment.

Kick Start Bio-Booster
A specially formulated microbe treatment that re-energises and re-invigorates septic tanks and drain-fields

Mega Munchers 12 Month Pack
Mega Munchers is an easy-to-use, flushable soluble sachet treatment, designed especially for larger septic tank systems.

Deep Clean Re-Activator
An intensive high performance microbe treatment that activates, energises and invigorates stagnant and failing septic tanks.

Deep Clean Bio Grease Digester
A highly effective and intensive microbe treatment to biologically digest and eliminate excessive grease and fat build-ups in septic tanks

Oxy-Tonic Bio-Accelerator
Muck Munchers Oxy-Tonic Bio Accelerator quite simply helps friendly bacteria to break-down and digest waste.

Oxy-Gen Bleach triple Pack
Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach is specially formulated for use in homes with septic tanks.